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  • TAP Enterprises LLC

    TAP Enterprises, ChiloquinOn-line Computer Repair



    Paul was recommended by two good friends and I want to tell you I am really glad that we connected. My computer was a mess. What a hassle to haul it into town. With Paul, he can do all the work by remote. You can sit and watch or go about your business. He is prompt and he is reasonable. I will recommend Paul’s business without a doubt.


    WatchWolf Computer Solutions

    I have been working in the community over 7 years and am trusted by over 100 clients. I come to your home, no fuss. My rates are very affordable, and if I can’t fix it you don’t pay. All work is covered by a 60-day warranty… if the same problem crops back up I return free of charge.

    business: Watchwolf computer solutions

    Sew-tec sewing machine service logo

  • Lily Mendonca, notary public, Chiloquin, Oregon

    Let’s Paddle

    Kayak and canoe outfitter service
    located on the Wood River in Ft. Klamath

    Let's Paddle kayak and and canoe rentals, Ft. Klamath, Oregon

    Stephen Thompson, Photographic Restoration Specialist
    Stephen Thompson photographic restoration, Chiloquin


    Stephen Thompson photographic restoration, Chiloquin


    Faded, scratched and dust-spotted, with stains, rips, gouges and mars, many one-of-a-kind images pick up these blemishes over the years. By digitizing and careful manipulation in Photoshop, near magical improvements can be achieved.

    Most of the photographs we restore are irreplaceable, and we treat them accordingly.

    Please let us hear from you before your images fade away to nothing!

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