• One of the Facebook Groups for Chiloquin

    A Guide to Facebook Groups for Chiloquin

    More Facebook groups for Chiloquin are being added all the time, some of them well worth joining, others not so much. This post is to let you know about the groups I have found useful. For those who are not so familiar with Facebook, I’m writing about groups, not pages, the difference being that a page […]

  • Two Rivers Gallery – new directions

    This blog was originally written in late 2015. Since then CVIP has brought in a manager who has initiated many events and fundraisers for Two Rivers Gallery. The gallery is still open and still has lots of artist members. You can find the new gallery website at The new manager does not want previous posts […]

  • A sad time for Chiloquin

    A Sad Time for Chiloquin

    The last couple of weeks have been a sad time for Chiloquin. It began with 4 broken windows at Chiloquin Open Door, then expanded to 6 broken windows at the Community Center, followed by a break in at Sage School where seven computers were stolen. It climaxed late last Sunday night with a rampage through […]

  • Vandals and Thieves

    Such a sorry thing to have to say but in this beautiful place there are vandals and thieves. Last night round 8:20 PM 3 kids, 2 of them on skateboards, broke out a window at Two Rivers Gallery. It’s not the first time, and we’re not the first to get this treatment. Usually they get […]

  • Volunteers at the 2010 Two Rivers Gallery yard sale in Chiloquin

    For Visitors and New Residents? Answers from the Chiloquin News

    Volunteers at the Two Rivers Gallery 2010 yard sale This (the blue text) is Joan’s answer to questions received by the Chiloquin News. This is Joan’s opinion only. If you have other views she would be happy to hear them – and apologies to all the wonderful volunteers who did not get named in the […]

  • Winter scene on Agency Lake, Chiloquin

    What a Winter!

    The coldest December since I’ve been here on the Wood river Canal; down to -25 F on a couple of nights and never above freezing for a couple of weeks, followed by the driest January imaginable, and very spring-like temperatures. Now in early February, it’s been raining instead of snowing. The Redwing Blackbirds are back, […]

  • Richard Johnson concert for Two Rivers Gallery, Chiloquin


    On Jan 24th Richard Johnson gave a benefit concert at the Chiloquin Community Center – a fundraiser for Two Rivers Gallery. Too bad if you missed it. It was a fun time. But anyway, here’s a teaser for next time – click the green button to see the video… Two Rivers Gallery thanks Richard mightily.

  • Pat Lanctot and Shasta

    This Website

    Click the ‘More’ button to hear the music. Pat Lanctot began this website several years ago. Pat passed away on Christmas Day 2013, and Joan has taken it over. Pat was a stickler for purely writing in html code, however Joan took one look at the 6 inch thick html manual and decided to […]