A one room school located near the jail, took care of the children’s educational needs until 1918, when the school expanded to two teachers. The children of the loggers were taught in a one room school that was moved from logging camp to logging camp by a tractor, pulling it on skids.

In the 1920’s Chiloquin’s elementary and high school districts were formed, and construction began on a school to house both the grade and the high schools. Finished in 1926, the last 2 years of high school were offered for the first time. By 1930 the school had 5 teachers and 66 students. In the 1940’s Chiloquin High School had 9 classrooms, an assembly room and a library. In 1963 the present Jr/Sr high school was constructed, with 18 classrooms, library, gymnasium and administration area. In 1967 registration went over 175 students.

There are 3 schools in the area now, 2 in the town and 1 about 6 miles out of town.

  • Chiloquin Elementary School

    schools: Chiloquin elementary school548 2nd St,
    PO Box 375
    Chiloquin, OR 97624

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    Volunteers needed for ‘Start Making A Reader Today’ (SMART)

    A statewide program working with children K-3 during school hours. Each volunteer works one-on-one with a child for ½ hour, helping them read (or reading to the youngest). We always need volunteers, whether scheduled every week or merely as a substitute reader when the regular reader is unable to attend. For an application contact the SMART office at 273-2424 or the Chiloquin Elementary School at 783-2338.

    You may fill out an on-line application at the SMART website
    It will be the most rewarding hour you ever volunteer!

  • Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High School

    Chiloquin High School

    300 Elm Street
    PO Box 397
    Chiloquin, OR 97624
    Phone: 541-783-2321

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  •  Sage Community School

    Sage School, Chiloquin

    an elementary charter school

    43580 Highway 62
    PO Box 655
    Chiloquin OR 97624

    The Klamath Indian Agency was established in 1868 and served as reservation headquarters until Termination in 1954. Over the years, ownership of the Agency property has changed hands several times and has seen various business attempts, including the Red Baron restaurant, a private hunting club, and served as headquarters for the Klamath Forest Protective Agency for a time. Some of the buildings were moved into the City of Chiloquin.

    Today this historic site is housing students and staff of SAGE Charter School.

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