Activities Gallery

There are so very many outdoor activities in the countryside around Chiloquin. Hopefully these photo galleries will convince you to come and see for yourself!

Parks and Places:

Within about 30 miles of Chiloquin, you will find Crater Lake National Park, Collier Memorial State Park, Kimble State Park, Ft. Klamath Park Museum, Klamath Fish Hatchery, Spring Creek headwaters and free county parks, as well as boat ramps in Chiloquin and Rocky Point providing boat access to several wetland areas, rivers and lakes.

Just Driving Around:

There are several parks and places of interest to see in this area, but that’s not all there is – not by a long shot. Just driving around going from home to Chiloquin or over to see a friend, this is what you’ll see. All of these photos were taken from a roadway, and the great thing is that no one cares if you stop your car on the road to take a photo. They just smile and wave and drive around.

Canoeing and Boating:

Just can’t go wrong here if you like to be on the water. From lakes and wetlands to rivers and spring fed creeks; it’s all here.
For a listing of places to go, see the Adventures Near Crater Lake’s website And this is what you’ll see when you get out there….


To photograph all the species of birds that live or pass through here, would take a lifetime and fill a book. The birds are fabulous. On a spring morning a cacophony of bird songs fills the air. Here are just a few….

Sometimes Overlooked Wildlife:

Aside from deer, elk, bears, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, there is a diverse assortment of other wildlife living with us. Here are just a very few of them….


Winter is our main season. It comes early and stays late. It usually begins sometime in November and finally lets up sometime in April. Sometimes it snows a lot; sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it rains. It gets foggy for a few weeks, but is often sunny. It can be above freezing but is often well below.

Plant Life

Despite years of logging there are still some beautiful trees – Ponderosa pines, firs, cottonwoods, willows, to name a few. There are also tiny niches where specialized plants grow, from Mare’s Egg algae to slipper orchids. Gardeners marvel at the many micro-climates they find here, and the native plants also vary from place to place depending on soil, water, sun and wind. Growing conditions can be extremely different while only a few hundred yards apart.  Here are some examples….