Chiloquin Airport

Chiloquin State Airport…

The City of Chiloquin received permission from the state to establish the Chiloquin Airport in 1934. When the airport was completed in 1946 it was the 55th airport in the state.

The airport was originally black-topped with ordinary asphalt that deteriorated, developing cracks and frost heaves that made it unsafe to use. In 1960 the state took over the operation of the airport in order to maintain and regulate it. A master plan was drawn up in 1980 but little was done until 1992 when the Airport Support Group (Richard Bastian, Chuck Wells, Dorothy Witcraft and Lillian Headley) was established. The group raised $5000, which was used to study the feasibility of establishing a usable, safe airstrip.

By 1997 the airstrip had been realigned, rebuilt, and resurfaced using a more durable surface. The airport is maintained by the Oregon Dept. of Aeronautics and has approach and marker lights lit 24 hours/day.

In good weather the airport is used by 50-60 privately owned aircraft each month. UPS and FedEx use the Chiloquin Airport as an alternate landing field when the Klamath Falls airport is fogged in. Other users include search and rescue groups, small package carriers, firefighters, police and medics, as well as private citizens.

Air traffic control at the airport in Klamath Falls are in charge of traffic in and out of the Chiloquin airport.

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