Two Rivers Gallery – new directions

This blog was originally written in late 2015. Since then CVIP has brought in a manager who has initiated many events and fundraisers for Two Rivers Gallery. The gallery is still open and still has lots of artist members. You can find the new gallery website at

The new manager does not want previous posts about the gallery to be found in the Google search results, which left this website (me, that is) in a bit of a dilemma. The pages were easy to redirect to CVIP, but this one post could not be redirected. So all I can do is delete what used to be in the post and replace it with this explanation.

And why not just delete the post if it couldn’t be directed to another page? Because Google has already, long ago, indexed this link, and if I delete the post, then will have a ‘broken’ link and that is frowned upon by the Google search engine. Besides, no one likes to see the ‘page not found’ message, especially me.

As for the pages, why not put a redirect or a link to the new gallery website? Because the new website is labeled ‘insecure site’ and this website does not want it’s own security compromised by linking to an insecure site. I did mention the address above, but I didn’t link it.

So there you have it.

Better, I would have thought, to have had a page for Two Rivers Gallery on that encouraged shopping at the gallery. It really was a very nice page….

As for the post, it just told the story of the ups and downs that Two Rivers Gallery has faced so far. It’s surely not unexpected that a gallery in a small town would face some challenges, but rather than celebrate their overcoming, it seems that the downs are not to be considered.

by Joan – past president and secretary of Two Rivers Village Arts – the overseeing body for Two Rivers Gallery at that time.