A Guide to Facebook Groups for Chiloquin

  1. One of the Facebook Groups for Chiloquin

More Facebook groups for Chiloquin are being added all the time, some of them well worth joining, others not so much. This post is to let you know about the groups I have found useful.

For those who are not so familiar with Facebook, I’m writing about groups, not pages, the difference being that a page is administered by one, or a couple of people, and they are the people who post. You can make a post to a page, but your post does not go out to everyone. Only the administrator posts go out.

With a group, any member of the group can post and that post will go out to all the members. This means that there is a lot more interaction between the group members. There is still an administrator – the person who started the group – but in this case the administrator is more like an overseer, who can delete posts or members who abuse the group rules. And believe me, group rules are necessary because there are always a few who can’t stick to clean language, or want to attack others for their beliefs.

The first of the Facebook groups for Chiloquin that I joined, was just called Chiloquin, with 1169 members. Unfortunately it seems to have gone away (either that or I have been kicked off), but has been replaced with ‘All Things Chiloquin’ with just 79 members to date. You can post articles that may be of interest to the community, or ask questions. There is always someone who has an answer, though the answer may not always be what you were looking for. Description: A place for nice people and nice things. A spot to discuss your thoughts, and feelings

A recent addition is the Weather or Not Plant and Garden Club‘, with 24 members to date.  I’ve already found some very interesting articles posted here. This group’s description: Weather or Not Plant and Garden Club/Co-op creating access to hands on activities and educational opportunities in all levels of skill and interest to the greater area Chiloquin community in Klamath County Oregon. Promoted by Sustainable Ways Lodge a 501 (c) 3 non profit. Plant and Garden related talks, and events.

A new addition this winter that has been very helpful is Klamath County Road Conditions, with 994 members. Nothing better than to have a road update from someone who’s just driven it. Description: A road advisory group anyone can post to. No photos of any fatality accidents and no names until this information has been released by the authorities. Please post road conditions when it’s safe to do so. Not when you’re driving.

Chiloquin Community Watch. 777 members. Description:  This group was set up to address concerns in our community.  If anyone has lost animals ,by all means, post it here. There will be NO advertising here! This site is primarily for community protection. People helping people feel safe in their environment, no matter if that is in there home or in public. If everyone pulls together we can make a difference in someone’s life. Get to know your neighbors and look out for them as they will do this for you also.

Chiloquin Citizens for a Safer Community. 346 members. Description: The goal we would like to get out to everyone is we want everyone to feel safe and secure in their environment – whether they are playing outside or inside, they are safe. Also to help clean up the rundown houses and destroyed burnt out homes the health hazards and breeding grounds for mosquito larvae.

Chiloquin Buy Sell Barter. 1073 members. Description: Created this group so we have a way to buy sell and barter goods and services locally.

Chiloquin Scanner Group. 544 members. Description: Will help everyone remain in the know as to what’s happening in our neighborhood and allow us to help as needed. No speculating. Facts only.

Chiloquin Hikers. 13 members. Description: The purpose of this group is for like minded individuals that live in the Klamath Basin area to get together and go exploring/hiking in our beautiful area. Also to teach appropriate hiking skills and offer support while learning.

There are a few other Facebook Groups for Chiloquin out there. If you do a Facebook search you’ll find them, but if you’re just getting started with groups or are a new arrival in Chiloquin, these would be my recommendations to start with.