The Chiloquilters meet to sew quilts,  at 11 am every Thursday morning at Two Rivers Gallery, in the Community Center at 140 South 1st Ave., come rain, sunshine, snow or blizzard. They are delighted to have new members of the community join the group and are happy to take in ‘newbies’ who would like to learn how to quilt, or just chat to seasoned quilters who are passing through.

In the summer months some of the meetings are held at Train Mountain so that visiting quilters staying there can join in the fun. A sack lunch is recommended since meetings usually extend into mid-afternoon. Everyone interested in quilting is welcome!

For more information, contact Linda Wood (541-783-3879) or Morna Bastian (541-783-2542 or [email protected]). 

Chiloquilters at Two Rivers Gallery

Thursday morning meeting at Two Rivers Gallery

Chiloquilters drawing the winning raffle ticket

Drawing the winning ticket.


In addition to making lovely quilts for their own use, the Chiloquilters are very generous to the rest of the community.

Raffle Quilt

Since 2002, each year they have made a raffle quilt and donated the proceeds from the raffle to Chiloquin Visions in Progress and Two Rivers Gallery, to assist the fundraising efforts of those 2 organizations.

Linus Project

On the last Friday of the month the Linus quilters (many of the same people) meet at Two Rivers Gallery at 11 am to sew quilts for the Linus Project which is a nation wide organization that makes blankets for critically ill children. Since 2007, 24 quilters have donated 753 quilts to the Linus Project!

Quilt Show

Each year since 2005, the Chiloquilters have been holding a quilt show in June, with many quilts, both old and new on display. Many vendors attend, there are door prizes given out and usually yummy strawberry shortcakes to buy, along with regular food. See the dates for this year’s show in the Events List.

Photo of Wood River Canal   used for quilt pattern

Photo of Wood River Canal used for quilt pattern.

Chiloquilters CVIP quilt

Quilt made for the Community Center