• bald eagle near Chiloquin

    About the Chiloquin Area

    The City of Chiloquin is located in South Central Oregon, about 30 miles north of Klamath Falls. While the city boasts a population in the 700’s, the Chiloquin area covers a large outlying area where some 3000 more residents live. Chiloquin, at an altitude of 4178 feet, is nestled in a small valley surrounded by […]

  • Rocky Point canoe trail

    About Chiloquin’s Nearby Communities

    Chiloquin’s nearby communities: Fort Klamath….  Crater Lake….  Rocky Point….  Sprague River…. Fort Klamath…. The Klamath name for the locality of Fort Klamath is Iukak, meaning “within” or “in the midst,” and refers to a location close to or between mountains. With the country embroiled in the Civil War in the east, the regular army had […]

  • 1926 view of Main St, Chiloquin

    A History of the Chiloquin Region

    A history of:  Chiloquin… The Lumber Mills…  The Railroad…  The Water… Most of this history comes from the Klamath Watershed Partnership publications and from articles and anecdotes collected by The Friends of the Chiloquin Library and published in their 3 volumes of History & Recipes books.  Chiloquin…   The Lumber Mills Beginning around 1910, the lumber […]

  • Waiting to dance at the Klamath Tribes powwow

    The Klamath Tribes: Klamath, Modoc & Yahooskin

    The Klamath Tribes, formerly known as the Klamath Indian Tribe of Oregon, are now a confederation of three Native American tribes who traditionally inhabited Southern Oregon and Northern California: the Klamath, Modoc, and Yahooskin. Tribal government is based in Chiloquin, Oregon. The Klamath Tribes signed their Treaty with the US in 1864 and members of […]

  • Chiloquin Home

    Welcome to the Chiloquin.com website. The Chiloquin area is a beautiful place with abundant wildlife and superb scenery, however it is sparsely populated and little information is available about the services that are here. This website is a private effort to provide information about this area to those of you who are looking for it. […]