• Chiloquin garden club working on the library garden

    Community Organizations

    For such a small town there are many organizations and many volunteer opportunities available – far too many, in fact for the number of volunteers in the community. As a result, volunteers are welcomed to all organizations with open arms and many thanks.

  • Chiloquin

    Community Services

    Community Services in Chiloquin come from the city, the county, the state and the federal government, but being as small as it is, there are some things that you won’t find in Chiloquin, like a city police force or a hospital emergency room, but you also won’t find lots of traffic or crowds of people. Here […]

  • Chiloquin Volunteer Fire Dept. on parade

    Emergency Services

    These are the organizations that provide emergency services in Chiloquin. Chiloquin Fire and Rescue is a volunteer organization and is always looking for willing individuals to help out.